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How to create a blog

How to create a bog?
How to create a bog?

How to create a bog?

As I already said its my first time to share my experience in writing form in a blog post, so I feel its hard so I decide I will learn this and also share with all my reader and audience then at the same time I am learning and sharing my experience also, I will share you important point that will help you to create a best blog with keywords, if you want to become an expert then I suggest and recommend you write many blogs and creative post, or you must try to write post every day then one day you will be an expert, if you want only learn and become an expert then its impossible because you must need to write blog, or you must to write creative content, technical content and other content.

Before to start my topic, one thing is necessary to share with you, there is 2 two meaning to create blog, on is create or write a blog and second is post a blog on our blogger website OR WordPress website, I will discuss today about how to create and write a blog, if you want to learn post or add a blog/your content in a blogger or WordPress, its easy you just need to sign in your account, click on a create post or create new post or click new post, click any one available option, and write your content and add some images and save it and then press on PUBLIC button, Now you blog content is live, you can see.

But, blog writing is difficult, how to write, how to write a creative contents, and how to write a technical report or contents. So My topic is about how to create a blog, blog mean content.

You must follow some important methods before write a blog or a specific content, first and last option is love your topic, research in depth and then write in your own words, you must follow 7Cs rule, and other basic and important point is Basic Skills, use right grammar, spelling, vocabulary, brevity, clarity, punctuation, proofreading and revising, these are basic for any blog.

How to Write?

Now, other important point is 7Cs, its also called communication 7Cs, because its used in communication but we use them in our blog in writing form, because it will help and increase our blog value, we should follow 7Cs rule in our blog, 7Cs are clear, correct, complete, concrete, concise, considered and courteous, I am our blog or content must be clear, correct, complete and other in writing form so our valued reader can easily understand our message.

Before writing a article you should research about that topic, get ideas from different sources and learn more about your topic or article and try to provide latest information to your audience, never copy and paste, because it will decrease your value and your content value.

Writing Skills

Some other important skills are grammatical skill, compositional skills and domain skills for write contents or create/write a blog, these are main and basic skills for everyone writer. There are many many ways to start a blog and write a content, if you write a content in new way then you will be called a creative writer, so it isn’t difficult to write a blog or post first time, you can start writing with your own words but never use vulgarly sentence or words.

At the end of this topic, I want to share also some other important points, you must follow these, I just share HEADINGS, like Research, Outlining, Editing, Reading Comprehension and Time management. First you outline your topics specific and important words or first you need to write important heading of your topic or content, then step by step describe them in your own words, proof and revise them. How was my blog, your comment will help me, I am interesting to share more important articles with you.

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