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Sindh Day


Sindhi Cap

Sindh Day

Sindh Day celebrate every year on december by Sindhi people, Sindhi people live in Sindh province located in Pakistan, Sindh is the 2nd bigger province of Pakistan, the main cities are Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Dadu. Mostly people speaking in Sindhi Language in Sindh Province.

This website or blog is about online earning, but i want to share some information about Sindh and Sindhi people and culture so therefore i am sharing here these information, 

Sindhi Cap (Sindhi Topi) and Sindhi Ajrak is the famous all around world, its innovated by Sindhi people, Sindhi people like to live in peace, Other famous places are Makli, Badshahi Masjid Thatta, and saint of Islamic sufis also famous places where huge people come from all around world, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar is the famous Sufi Saint where every year more than thousands visitor come and celebrate URS MUBARAK. Urs is the yearly religious festival where people recite Naat, Quran and senior teaches Islamic Idology.

Sindh Day celebrate every to promote Sindhi Culture, its main purpose is promote Sindhi culture, from all over world Sindi People support and celebrate this festival. So it called Sindh Day.

In this Day mostly people use Sindhi Cap, Ajrak and other sindhi cultural wearing items and scheduled cultural program like Kachahri, Malakaro, etc.

Kachahari  is like a meeting or gathering where people come from different areas and meet each other and share their poets, thoughts or any other special event, mostly these kind program schedule at night, and OTAQ is the place where people meet each other, but sometime it also schedule gathering outside the OTAQ.

Malakaro is like a wrestling game but its a bit different then wrestling, these game also celebrate in Sindh Day or Sindhi Cultural Day,  Malakaro also played in some other event, its a national and cultural game of Sindh.

Travelling Areas in Sindh

If you are interested to visit Sindh and Travel in Sindh, so NOW i will share some beautiful areas where you can enjoy.

Gorak Hill

Its a nice, clean and cool place, its located in Distt Dadu, Tehsil Johi, you can go Gorak Hill via Wahi Pandi, Wahi Pandi is a small city where you can rent a Van for Gorak Hill, Gorak is like MUREE and mounting area where weather is cool, you can enjoy at Gorak Hill.

There are many other places for travelling in Sindh, Badshahi Majid located Thatta,  Sea View, Paradise Point, Allah Din Park, Safari Park, located at Karachi. 

At the end, i am interesting to share most important thing, the most important thing is Sindh Fruits, Vegetable and Rice is famous in the world, rice called Basmati  cultivated at Tehsil Johi Distt. Dadu. Other fruits are Mangoes, date fruit, guava, banana, these fruits are tasty because sindh climate is best.

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