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Sindh is the main and largest province of Pakistan, its good and best province for travel, sindhi people love peace, most people are sunn (love suffisim), its beautiful province of Pakistan, Pakistan largest economic hub also in Sindh, there are many places for travelling in sindh.

Province Assembly is location in Karachi, Karachi is the capital of sindh, Karachi is a commercial hub, it has two seaports, Karachi is largest populated city in Pakistan, Its located in Sindhi, sindhi mostly live in Karachi and speak in urdu language, because they communicate in urdu language with others.

Some sindhi people can not speak good urdu but they know urdu language and also speak in urdu, mostly they speak in sindhi language.

Sindh located in Southeast of the Pakistan, sindh agricultural are famous all around world, special rice, mangoes, wheat are famous in the world. Sindh is the 2nd largest province of Pakistan.

Sindh also called Bab-ul-Islam, means Gateway to Islam in this region, Sindh weather is variable and medium, not very hot and not very cold, but sometime temperature reach up to 45-50 degree in some cities in june and july (in summer), main crops of sindh are sugarcane, rice, wheat and cotton.

Its earliest region in South Asia to Islamise there its also called Bab-ul-Islam, sindhi culture influenced by Sufism, Several important and famous Sufi shrines also located in sindh, Sindh is famous for their nature and beauty.

Now I will give some detail about languages, mostly people speak in sindhi but in large city, they also speak in urdu and baloch. Sindhi people wear Sindhi topi, ajrak and Shalwar Kameez.

I try to provide some important point about sindh, its my first time to write some important note about sindh and their culture, sindhi people also celebrate some yearly event, like Sindh Cultural Day, Sindh Day.

They most famous game is MALAKARO, its like a wrestling, but its easy then wrestling (as I think), because I am not wrestler or not a pahalwan, Malakari is famous fight game where two man come and fight each other.
Sindh some famous cities are Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Dadu, Nawabshah, Sukkur, Mirpur Khas, Ranipur, Ghotki, you can travel by Train and Bus, if you want to visit or travel all around sindh then you must need your own vehicle or you can travel by local bus, Now I want to close my topic, before close the topic, if you have any question you can ask me.

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