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Watch ads and earn money online in pakistan

Watch Ads and Earn Money online in Pakistan

watch ads and earn money online in Pakistan
Watch ads and earn money online in Pakistan

Watch ads and earn money online in Pakistan

There are many ways to earn money online, in this article i will tell about unityadsjob, among them one of the earn money online is by watching ads, in my previous articles I already told about earn money just by watching ads, so this also related to earn money by watching ads, but you must understand that its good for Pakistan audience, so if you are Pakistani then you can get profit from this website, if you are not a Pakistani then you can join this website also but you will earn in Pakistani Rupees and you need also a third payment party for deposit and withdraw money from this website.

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watch ads and earn money online in Pakistan
Watch ads and earn money online in Pakistan

This website also have an app for earning, in this website you can earn money by investment, its same as others, like you will earn money by watching ads and by referrals but one thing is different, that is app, you also can earn money by their apps, you earn more if you use app rather than website. You can watch ads and earn money online in Pakistan in this website, if you want to earn more then you need to make referrals, you earning can be double and triple or more.

This website name is unityadsjob, its an online earning platform where you need to buy a plan, this website plan is very cheap, just for Rs.400, you can buy a plan only for Rupees 400, and its for 2 months, so if you are interested then you need to invest Rs.400 for sixty days, Now I will describe how can you earn money online by watching ads, what are methods, how to join.

First you need to go website and click on signup button, after then you need to fill all necessary information as per required, also you need to add your jazz cash or easy paisa account for investment, after then you select plan, in this website only one plan available, so you just buy that plan for Rs.400, when you send money to specific jazzcash or easy paisa account then you will receive an TID number, put TID number in the required field, Now you account is activated, also a button showing that you activated account, you can see in dash board, in the left corner you can see dashboard option, just click on dashboard and see your all record.

In the Dashboard you will see many options, but you need to follow some options like Ads, premium ads and referral, in the ads option, you see all your ads, so you click all your ads daily and earn money, you must know you can not earn money if you do not watch ads, so you must watch ads daily in ADS option, so first click on ADS option and then watch all ads and earn money, as its an investment plan where you can earn money by just watching ads, so you can earn money by watching ads, without watching ads you can not earn money and you days will be decrease, every day you will receive specific number ads, so in the next day you will receive specific number not all, I mean if you left a day for watching ads then it will not come again in next day, so you must not leave any day for watching ads, you need to watch ads daily for earning.

Also you can earn money by their apps, if you are unable to open website or you don’t have computer then you can install their app and sign in your account and watch all ads, I am not recommend that kinds website but I share only for information and education purpose.

So, you must click on DAILY ADS on dashboard after investment for watching ads and earn money, you can do this in website and mobile app.

If you want to earn money then you can make referrals, you can see you referral link in dashboard, in the dashboard click on REFERRAL where you can a referral link, its your referral link, share your referral link with your friends, you will get extra bonus per referral so if you make a large team then you can earn money in thousands or more.

At last, one thing is necessary that is about referrals, if you make a referral then also you need to click on PREMIUM ADS, in the premium ads you see al ads that you will receive per referrals, if you have make a referral than you will receive specific number ads in PREMIUM ADS option in dashboard, so you must check and watch all your ads and earn money, if you do not watch these ads then you can not earn money, Now it means, here you can earn money by two ways one is DAILY ADS and second is PREMIUM ADS, you can see daily ads at DAILY ADS option after investment, and you can watch ads at PREMIUM ADS when you make referrals.

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