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How to create a Payeer Account

How to create a Payeer Account

Do you need a payeer account or you want to transfer your money through payeer. If yes, then read this article completely about payeer. Payeer account in many website for transferring Fiat currency (Real like USD) and Cryptocurrency (Like BTC, TRX), You must have to see their crypto fees before you are going to buy, deposit, withdraw or trading on payeer. Also, you can create payeer account from anywhere like Pakistan and other Asian countries.

Payeer It is an E-wallet where you can add or receive money and also you can exchange your money to paypall or other e-wallet through different exchanges’ we will tell you in detail where you can receive and exchange your money from payer account to pay pall account. You can transfer the money through skrill to payeer to vice versa by unique way.

How can you create a payeer account?

For Signup Click Here: 
How can you register how can you use it who need it and why and who need the payer wallet.

For some of the services it is very convenient to start the money through payer wallet. And you can use this wallet through the crypto currency.


Payeer wallet or ewallet is especially useful for freelancers if they fulfill orders of the customer from outer country. From this wallet you can do some purchasing on some online stores. Since payeer has a good payment system, the service will come handy for online store owners. Moreover, there are more than 150 more options and sources to receive payments. Payment can be accepted from any of the country in the world. By the way, individuals can also receive their payment on their website through their payeer account. You can use this service for investment.

Types of Accounts in Payeer:

This account has two types personal and business the only differences are who this account belong to. For the bunch of the people or legal person.

Why and who needs Payeer wallet?

There are some of the services it is very convenient to start money through the payeer wallet. You can use this wallet to buy crypto currency-this wallet is especially useful for the freelancers if they fulfill the orders from the outer country from the payeer wallet, you can pay for purchases in some online stores. The list can be viewed if you go from the main page of the site by clicking that button ‘how to spend’ button:

Payeer limits:

Transfer within the system carried out with a minimum commission currency exchange with payeer, there is instant currency exchange inside this system for example we can choose the exchange of dollars if you do not plan to withdraw more than $999 from your wallet during the day. Then u can also use the unverified account.

This includes my study of the payeer wallet payment service, I want to say that they have plastic master card, but recently it has become the availability of the European residents. It’s a shame it would be easier with the card, especially since the service was free of cost.

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