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Toloka Yandex-Earn money online by completing simple tasks

Toloka Yandex-Earn money online by completing simple tasks

Toloka Yandex-Earn money online by completing simple tasks
Toloka Yandex-Earn money online by completing simple tasks

To make money on internet on Toloka Yandex-get your money by completing this easy task step to step plan. Today everyone have the opportunity for joining the ranks of the employee of a large scale and search patrol in Russia, I am not joking. You need to create an account on Yandex.toloka and stuck up on time to complete these paid tasks. It is very important to understand why the site and why it is so popular.

It is somewhat reminiscent of the axle boxes, but they are not offering to watch viral videos or visit some suspicious sites. Controls are installed inside the service to stay away from the issues of some bad content. The idea is somehow is little bit changing when we start working, many of us know that online working on the internet is for earning money. And at the very same time you can earn the handsome amount on yandex toloka site.

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To become an employee of the service you should create your account in the system. The user will receive email wallet for withdraw money and sending or receiving money person who is over 18 years old can be registered. It is not alter to deceive the site and there is a written explanation on this. While you are working in the site you can face many adult sites. You must control and you have to untick everything which popup like that. There will be some adult content and also some unhealthy materials from the sites.
For signup click here:

You can see in below image some tasks, you just need to click on any task, first you must complete training and then you will get tasks, so complete many tasks for good earning, in below image you should see on top section, where you can see different section about tasks, you can select 5 language, mostly tasks are in russian and english language.

If you are interested in typing jobs, data entry job, just click here and see detail

Toloka Yandex-Earn money online by completing simple tasks
Toloka Yandex-Earn money online by completing simple tasks

Minors should not be upset, as there are many other options for part-time jobs. Register who are over 18 will take some minutes but you should focus on the button like ‘I am a performer’ button and enter your personal information which should also include age. You can filter tasks as you want.In below image you can see withdraw methods, you can withdraw your money by PayPal, Skrill, papara and payoneer, in this regard i will suggest you, first check your country support payment method then select any one from these option.

For Signup Click Here

Why and where to click here?
When you are going to log in your account the user will go through the section with tasks. Additional sections are on the top of the page. Where you can see and work section is going to give credit to the toloka member.

My profile
It carries information about the member rating, skills, and ability.

Section for receiving messages from the customer and service alert

Complete easy tasks and earn money

For easy work, it is prefer to check the profile every day. The Rating will depend on this as it is changing time by time. If a member of site has any problem or any question he can ask the team support person they are there to help the people. The support team member option is located under the mark on upper right corner. I do not always have time to give a detailed answer I would be great full if you can left the comments and your advice in comment section.


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