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Earn Money by Completing Simple Tasks

How to earn money online without investment

I like to share always share original content about online earning, this is also a new and original content about online earning, I will give you detail about this platform, also I give you best suggestion how to use this website for good earning, as you know I always write about online earning, if you don’t know then just visit my home page and see all article, you can see your favourie methods, so now I don’t want to waste time,  overall now one is joining website, first you need to click below link and see website, or you can sign up by click below link.

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It’s like a crows sourcing platform,  where you can see possibility of earning money without the need for referrals, you need to solve easy tasks,  you can find variety of tasks and can complete without the need for any special knowledge, tasks are very easy, you can do your favorite and easy tasks or you can do many tasks as you want, like visit websites, signup a website, writing articles, taking small surveys, watching videos, etc.

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How to make 10$ per day?  It’s a common question that I see many places, but there is no one answer about this question Today I am telling a website where you can make 3$ to 10$ per day, by doing simple and easy tasks, but one thing you must remember if you do scam, or complete  wrong tasks  then you may face a suspend account so do your job sincerely,  Today I will tell you about a website, Picoworker, it’s a like a crowd sourcing platform, where some people give tasks and other people complete these tasks sincerely, so if you are serious and want to make money then you must complete tasks as described, if you complete daily 50 to 100 tasks then you can easily make 3$ to 10$ in 4 hours.

What is Picoworkers?
its is basically a P2P and crowd sourcing, or task base platform,  where anyone can participate without any investment and make money by doing different and multiple easy tasks online. For the example, visit a website for a time period, or signup a website, install app and signup, watch video, etc.  The other parts of this website are an investment, many entrepreneurs. Businessman, and freelancer provide tasks and workers complete their tasks and earn money.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur or content creator or a freelancer wanting to earn income online, you have a place in this platform, creating a P2P work environment that benefits the two types of users involved, one is entrepreneur , who want to grow their business and second is workers, who want to earn money.

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Availability:  Its available for all-around world, any user from any country can register and start earning money doing easy tasks and other jobs.
You can receive  payment through PayPal, Skrill, and crypto,  there is no geographical restriction of any kind.

How to sign up for Picoworkers
Registration method is very easy and fast, , its take 30 seconds to register in this website,  First,  For registration click here, a new windows/browser tab will open, fill the form and submit, You may receive a confirmation code to your email address, so ust confirm it. Now you are a member of picoworker,.

How to earn money online without investment

Tasks examples
You can see below an image,  where you can see tasks different rate, different tasks rate are different, so you just need to click any task and see description and complete it as described and earn money, you can complete a tasks within 1 to 3 minutes, sometime a task may need more then 4 minutes, but interesting thing is rate are different , so you can complete you favourite tasks, or you can complete easy tasks as you understand

How to earn money online without investment

Now don’t leave this paragraph!, because now we need to pay attention when we click any tasks, because  a description with notes will open with some instructions  and the steps to follow. Now It is very important for you to pay attention and read everything accurately and understand, If you do not understand something because it is in English, you can translate it into your language without any problem with the help of Google translator.

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The other thing is you must see their proof requirement, you can see at the end of every task about a proof requirement, for example sending a screen short (or SS), email, URL address,  so you must provide all proof requirement otherwise you won’t pay, if you provide all proofs then you will earn, you balance will increase 3 to 24 hours 

Find Jobs
It’s the main section for you where to find jobs or tasks, when you join for earning then you must click My Job, in the sub section you can find some other categories, like job level, if you are new then select starter, In the category sub section  you can your favorite option ( or easy job as you need) like Signup tasks, seach or click tasks, Video Marketing Tasks, Some other categories also available, you can select as per your choice, this section is for earning, so must click on Find Jobs and complete easy jobs and earn money online without any investment.

My Tasks 
In this section you can see your all information about your completed tasks, either they approved or not, or in pending, you only earn money from your approved tasks, pending tasks are in waiting list,  if you complete many wrong tasks then you may be banned from admin of the website, so always do your job sincerely or complete a task as per requirement.

My Jobs
In the My Tasks Section you can submit your task, or you jobs, for the example if you have a website or blog and you want to real visitors for you blog, then you put here you paid task, and give instruction to workers about how to do your task, you can submit any task like signup a website, visit website, install app, if you are a businessman or an owner of website or app then it’s for you. You must remember you need to pay for submit a task as per their rate.
Language: English, Language of this website is in English.

Withdraw Method: 
You can withdraw your money in PayPal,  crypto currency like  LTC,  and Skrill.  Withdraw can take 10 business days to reach your wallet, the minimum withdraw amount is 5$.

What is the success rate?
Its very important section either you are a worker or an entrepreneur, if you are a worker then you can see your success rate, good success rate give allow you to complete job, and you can complete many jobs, if your success rate is down then you may be banned from website admin, and if you are entrepreneur then you can see other workers success rate.

You can earn money online without investment and you can earn daily 3$ to 10$ per day here if you complete 50 to 100 Tasks, its all about on tasks rate, so always complete easy jobs first then completer jobs.

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