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Exchange Cryptocurrency

Exchange Cryptocurrency
Exchange Cryptocurrency

Exchange Cryptocurrency:

In this article i try to provide all detail about how to exchange cryptocurrency, how to trade cryptocurrency, or how to use binance or trade at binance, coinbse and other related topics, if you want to know about how to invest in cryptocurrency then Click Here

Currently Most People like investing and trading in different cryptocurrency and how an investing in crypto will make us rich? exchange cryptocurrency, The thing is people don’t know that digital currencies rate was not stable during last 7 years, and still it isn't sure that crypto rate are always stable, Many people want to know how to buy Bitcoin? or how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan? or How to convert BTC or LTC into real money, You should read the whole article for complete information. I try to provide every information that you might need. This article will help all people from all around world and special for Pakistanis. In this article mostly i focused exchange cryptocurrency, its good for international community and also for Pakistani, Indian, Asian countries who can do same as Pakistani, because i am telling famous platform where people come from all over world and sell, trade or exchange their crypto currency into real money by Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, Bank or other sources.

Now i am sharing some best Buying/Selling/trade cryptocurrencies websites, first you need to create account and then exchange, trade or sell. While you can exchange crypto by another crypto or sell in real money in special crypto websites or crypto trade exchanges.

How to use Binance

How to use binance, We can exchange cryptocurrency at binance, Investing in cryptocurrencies is the best platform for high profit in short time, In Binance they give you the option to invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, but first you must make sure that it is a secure platform. That is what we have done at Scam.info, and we can confirm that it is a legitimate site for trading BTC, ETH, BNB, and USDT.

Binance is a safe, secure and serious broker, exchanger that does not lead to any scams, but you first must sure that you are visiting original binance website nor a fake website.

Our experience
Binance is a website that allow us to invest or operate with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, binance coin and Tether. You can find more than 80 pairs only with bitcoin.available, so the opportunities are many. The signup or registeration process is easy and fast, you only need an email address and create a strong password. When you send it to them, you will receive an email almost immediately to verify your identity. With that, you will already have an active account with which to operate.

As you will see later, this platform has interesting security measures, which make it a good option to operate. Next, we go into detail.

Is it a Binance scam?
Exchange cryptocurrency is secure, It is a safe place in which to trade or exchange cryptocurrencies, so we can say that Binance is not a scam.

Even in the huge tangle of reviews from users angry because they lose money with their operations and try to excuse their mistakes in the intermediaries, Binance does well, as the general opinions of the users are very good.

Binance promotions
Binance regularly offers promotions to incentivize traders to trade a specific cryptocurrency and many cryptocurrency pair available for exchange cryptocurrency.

For example, when this review was made, there were two contests underway that could win a Maserati 3.0T Levante Classic and a Porsche Panamera.

Trade cryptocurrencies on Binance
Exchange Cryptocurrency or trade cryptocurrency, Binance considers more than 150 pairs of cryptocurrencies, although all the pairs are related to four specific cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT.

From these four, you can buy, sell and speculate with many others. Perhaps it would have been interesting to be able to trade with respect to the dollar or the euro, but that entails stricter regulations that this platform is not interested in at the moment.

How to invest in cryptocurrency, Investing is very simple. You have two screen options, the simple and the advanced, and both allow you to buy or sell the pair of cryptocurrencies you want, setting the stops you want to manage your risk. if you want to know more about how to invest in cryptocurrency then for detail Click Here

You can easily watch both; your open orders and your order history to track the profitability of your strategies.

Payment methods
How could it be otherwise in Binance you can deposit money in a large number of cryptocurrencies.
For each of them they offer you their deposit address, and you can send money just like you do in any other business or company in which you have used said currency.

In addition, Binance has launched its own currency, called BNB that gives you discounts on the fees of the operations you make. Of course, they have announced that the coin will have a maximum liquidity volume of 200 million, after which Binance will buy back and destroy the coin until it is reduced to 50%, that is, 100 million.

Safety and regulations
The security of Binance is something that could concern anyone since, as we mentioned at the beginning, there are not few scams that exist on the internet.

Although a priori Binance does not require much to register, once you are registered it will offer you the option of carrying out a two-step verification that you can do through the Google service or by SMS.

In this way, you can be sure that no one except you will be able to enter your account, since even if they guessed your password, they would need to receive the SMS that will be sent to your mobile for verification. Of course, the Binance URL has the S for SSL encryption. In addition, their customer service will give you useful advice such as using an exclusive email that you only use on this platform and avoid clicking on any link in any email you receive, unless you have just registered on a well-known website and have been informed that they were going to send you this email.

As per regulations, i want to to say. Cryptocurrencies are based precisely on the absence of regulations from central banks and other institutions, so Binance is not subject to any specific law.

The bottom line from our Binance review is that it is a good place to trade cryptocurrencies. Although it is true that there are platforms that offer a greater number of them, this one offers the best known, which seems sensible, since it is impossible to offer them all.

Regarding security, we doubt that it is not a scam. We can enter money through cryptocurrencies and withdraw it in our bank or our wallet.

You can register at Binance by Click Here


CoinEx is an exchange where we exchange cryptocurrency or where we can receive, send, save our cryptocurrencies, just remember that by depositing our cryptocurrencies in any exchange we are giving up power and we will not have absolute power over them, for that you have to keep them in a wallet where we have the keys private to control 100% what happens with our funds, we will talk later about where we can keep them safely. You can convert or exchange lbry (LBC) into BTC at CoinEx.

How to Create an account on CoinEx.

You can click here to create a CoinEx account
First we must enter an email or mobile number.
Then we will touch the "Get code" button with which they will send us a confirmation code at email or our mobile number.
Look for the code in our mail or mobile, if you can't find the CoinEx email, also look in the spam or junk mail folder.
copy and paste in code on the CoinEx page
remember to choose a strong password and remember it well
Then you accept the terms and conditions and hit the "Sing Up" button.

And you will already have a CoinEx account.

The application also asks you to activate 2FA Authentication, now you can start using for coinex to receive, send and exchange cryptocurrencies.

You can register at Coinex by Clicking Here

How to use Coinbase to make money?

How to use Coinbase to make money, Coinbase same time have a virtual wallet to store your cryptocurrencies and also it is a trading platform. It has a greate service tha offers graphs with the evolution of prices, you can know the value of the cryptocurrencies and value going up or down. But of course, as all these types of platforms have their corresponding commissions, so we are going to try to explain everything to you well so that you have no doubts about its operation.

How to use coinbase to make money
How to use coinbase to make money

What is Coinbase

Coinbase is an online platform that acts on the one hand as a digital wallet, which means that you can use it to store all your cryptocurrencies in one unified site.

Every Cryptocurrency wallet have a unique address, It is also a cryptocurrency trading service, which is known as a cryptocurrency exchange. This means that you can link your credit card to the service and use your real money to buy cryptocurrencies, and then whenever you want you can sell them again.

You can also manage them as if it were a stock exchange application, only that instead of speculating in the stock market you can do it with the cryptocurrency market, be careful not to take too many risks.

Registering for this service is very simple. You only need to be over 18 years old, and give the service your name, surname, an email address and the password that you want to use in your account. Then, to buy cryptocurrencies you will have to link a payment method that can be a PayPal account, your bank account or a credit or debit card. Coinbase will charge you commissions when buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

You can use Coinbase both on your mobile and through its website. In them, the first page you will see is the home page, where you will have all the information you need.

You can see trade button at the bottom of the app, and its appears at top right on the web. You can buy, sell or convert cryptocurrency by trade option. In any of the cases, before accepting the operation, you will always be shown the commission that you must pay to have everything clear.

At the bottom of the app, or the top of the web, you will see a bar with other options. The first is the Portfolio, where you can know the status of your assets by seeing the money you have in the different cryptocurrencies and its evolution. On the Coinbase website, this information also appears on the home page, worse in the app it is deliberately on the Wallet page.

You also have the Prices section, where you can see the current status of all the assets that Coinbase allows you to manage, both those that you have purchased and those that you have not. It will tell you the current state of the market in general, the value of each asset in real time, and how much it has gone up or down compared to the value of each asset 24 hours ago.

And the other section is the configuration section. In it you can add payment methods or make invitations to earn balance of dollars by making others register. You can also configure your local currency or the purchase limits, which can be established at a certain amount of money per day in the procedures or so that you spend everything you want without control. For security purpose you can set a PIN to protect the app, notifications, privacy or your email.

You can register at Coinbase by Clicking Here


LocalBitcoins is a portal created in 2012, located in Helsinki (Finland) and chaired by Jeremias Kangas, in this portal people from different countries can buy and sell Bitcoins with their local currency, users of this platform publish ads where they say the amount of Bitcoins they sell, the payment method and the commissions they charge, the best thing about this is that you can find users in your own country or city and carry out transactions both online and physically.

In LocalBitcoins we work with real people and exchanges are made directly between the two without intermediaries, this makes the process faster and much more versatile since among all the users we will choose the one that generates the most trust and the one that accepts the medium payment for which we are willing to pay. It also has a series of characteristics where we will be able to set ourselves to choose the most reliable and best qualified users since each of them is scored by previous transactions, we can also see the comments that other users have left after making a transaction .

As we can see in each user of LocalBitcoins How does it work, we have indicators that show us the quality and reliability of the exchanges that you make regularly, so choose the best.

Registering in this portal is free, it can be done from anywhere in the world and it does not cost more than 2 minutes, then we will see in 5 simple steps how we do it.

1- We go to www.LocalBitcoins.com and as in all sites we put our username, an email and the password.
2- They send us an email, we confirm.
3- Then we go up to the right where we see a silhouette of a doll with a triangle and click to go to Modify Profile >> Real Name, we must put our real name with two surnames this name can only be put once, it cannot be change and it is totally hidden, nobody will see it, it is only to confirm when you make a purchase that the account holder is making.

Add phone and Verify Documents
4- The next step is to add a mobile phone number to verify our account, (Of course the sms is totally free) for this we are going to Modify Profile >> Verification >> Verify Telephone Number, we select the country where we reside we put our number phone and they will send us an SMS with a code which we must put in the box that we will see below and we will check the verification code ».

5- And finally we have to verify our documents so we are going to Modify Profile >> Verification >> Verify Documents and upload our identification card, DNI, driving license or passport, just uploading one will be enough, in a few minutes They will tell you if they accept it or not, if they do not accept it they will send you to Support so that you can contact them and solve the problem.

With this we already have our account created, point number 3 and number 4 are not mandatory but many sellers require that users have complied with the relevant verifications, so if we do not do it, the sellers who will give us the most trust may not accept our transactions that is why I advise to verify the account, because this way we will have access to loyal sellers with guarantees.

In LocalBitcoins, how it works, there are also more options that we can configure, such as activating more security, setting the time of our country, etc ... but you are already looking at that little by little that it has nothing.

You can register by Clicking Here


Here we can buy or sell BTC by Pakistan Rupees, We can transfer our BTC or LTC in Pakistani Rupees to Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa or any Pakistan Bank by Bucksmill. Its an exchange where we can convert our BTC or LTC into real money and transfer into our account. Also its an out account where we can transfer our Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa amount and then transfer to our Payeer, PerfectMoney, Skrill or BTC/LTC account.

For new account click here, fill form with full name, email, and strong password and then solve captcha, tick mark I agreee terms of service option (if agree) and then press REIGSTER button

Now, first you need to add your Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa or Bank account.

How add a Jazz Cash/Easy Paisa or Bank account:
1- Click on Setting
2- Click on Change Withdrawal Method
3- Add all or your desired accounts, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, Bank account.
How to exchange cryptocurrency in pakistan
How to exchange cryptocurrency in Pakistan

How Deposit or Withdraw?
You should know, if you want to withdraw money from any account like any crypto account like LTC, BTC, or Payeer or Perfect money, then first you need to deposit here, at Bucksmill and then transfer to your JazzCash, Easy Paisa, or Bank Account.

If you need BTC/LTC into your crypto wallet, or real money in Payeer or Perfect money account, then same first you need to deposit real money here by your own Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa or Bank account, as we already read about how to add account, so we can use only our added account to deposit or transfer.

For Deposit:
1- Click on Manage Funds
2- Click Deposit
3- Click desired account, from where we want to add real money or cryptocurrency in our Bucksmill account.
How to exchange cryptocurrency in Pakistan
How to exchange cryptocurrency in Pakistan

As you know we can not withdraw money from BTC/LTC, Payeer or Perfect Money to our JazzCash, Easy Paisa or Bank account, so we can use this platform, first we deposit here (BTC/LTC, Payeer or Perfect Money amount), and then withdraw to our JazzCash, Easy Paisa or Bank Account.

For Withdraw:
1- Click to Manage Funds
2- Click Withdraw
3- Select our Desired account (where we want to transfer real money)
How to exchange cryptocurrency in Pakistan
How to exchange cryptocurrency in Pakistan

As we already read about how to add JazzCash/EasyPaisa or Bank account, So Now, here we just select our account that we already add in our Bucksmill account. If you do not add your account, then first you need to add your JazzCash/Eaysa or Bank account, you can see in first Step.

4- Put Amount and press Withdraw Request Button.
Within 24 hours, the amount will transfer in your desired account, sometime I take more time.

You can register by Clicking Here

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