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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges:
In this article I will give share best cryptocurrency exchange and try to provide all the details about how you can exchange cryptocurrency or how to trade or how to use binance or exchange cryptocurrency by each other, like swapping, and other related topics my article is short, i will give you enough detail about binance, and link best cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade, buy or sell your cryptocurrency.

Like currently most of the people are trading in cryptocurrency and you want to know how can can you invest and get profits? The thing is most people don’t know the digital currencies rate was not stable during last seven years and still it’s not sure that cryptocurrency rate are going to stable or not many people here want to know how to buy bitcoins?

There are some important link where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency even from Pakistan, you can see below 3 best cryptocurrency exchanges link, if you want to join just click and join.

2- Okex

Before using above cryptocurrency exchange, one thing you must know about their fees, because their deposit, withdraw fees are different from each other, so signup any website on your choice and location, In Okex you can buy or sell cryptocurrency in Bank Account, Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash, my all information are my own research and i used Okex and buy many cryptocurrency and also i am using Binance and Coinex.

You can buy bitcoins in Pakistan in Okex exchange, if you want to know how to convert your BTC, LTC or any other cryptocurrency into the real money, you should use Okex exchange because its provide easy methods, specially from whom those are from Pakistan, I will try to give you all the information that you might need. The article is helpful for all and specially the Pakistanis. You can exchange cryptocurrency into real money by using different online methods like PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Bank and other many useful resources, Now I am going to share some best buying/selling trading of the cryptocurrencies website, first the main important thing is you have to make the account and then you can, trade, sell or exchange, some best and important exchange are as under:

How can you use binance we can exchange our crypto currency on binance, investing in the crypto currencies it is the best platform for the highest profit in the very short time, in binance they can give you the option that you can invest in bitcoins and many other crypto currencies, but firstly you have to keep that in your mind that you have to investigate through the whole site if it is a secure and safe platform or not. We have done this in and we confirm that it is the true and real site for the trading of bitcoins, ETH, BNB and USDT.

Binance is safe and secure and a very serious broker and exchanger that don’t have any chance of scam but you have to confirm that you are visiting original binance website not the fake one

CoinEx is an exchange where we exchange cryptocurrency or where we can receive, send, save our cryptocurrencies, just remember that by depositing our cryptocurrencies in any exchange we are giving up power and we will not have absolute power over them, for that you have to keep them in a wallet where we have the keys private to control 100% what happens with our funds, we will talk later about where we can keep them safely. You can convert or exchange lbry (LBC) into BTC at CoinEx.

Click here to create a CoinEx account
First we must enter an email or mobile number.
Then we will touch the "Get code" button with which they will send us a confirmation code at email or our mobile number.
Look for the code in our mail or mobile, if you can't find the CoinEx email, also look in the spam or junk mail folder.
copy and paste in code on the CoinEx page
remember to choose a strong password and remember it well
Then you accept the terms and conditions and hit the "Sing Up" button.
The application also asks you to activate 2FA Authentication, now you can start using for coinex to receive, send and exchange cryptocurrencies.
You can register at Coinex by Clicking Here

Here we can buy or sell BTC by Pakistan Rupees, We can transfer our BTC or LTC in Pakistani Rupees to Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa or any Pakistan Bank by Bucksmill. Its an exchange where we can convert our BTC or LTC into real money and transfer into our account. Also its an out account where we can transfer our Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa amount and then transfer to our Payeer, PerfectMoney, Skrill or BTC/LTC account.
For new account click here, fill form with full name, email, and strong password and then solve captcha, tick mark I agreee terms of service option (if agree) and then press REIGSTER button
Now, first you need to add your Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa or Bank account.
How add a Jazz Cash/Easy Paisa or Bank account:
1- Click on Setting
2- Click on Change Withdrawal Method
3- Add all or your desired accounts, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, Bank account.

How Deposit or Withdraw?
You should know, if you want to withdraw money from any account like any crypto account like LTC, BTC, or Payeer or Perfect money, then first you need to deposit here, at Bucksmill and then transfer to your JazzCash, Easy Paisa, or Bank Account.
If you need BTC/LTC into your crypto wallet, or real money in Payeer or Perfect money account, then same first you need to deposit real money here by your own Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa or Bank account, as we already read about how to add account, so we can use only our added account to deposit or transfer.

For Deposit:
1- Click on Manage Funds
2- Click Deposit
3- Click desired account, from where we want to add real money or cryptocurrency in our Bucksmill account.
How to exchange cryptocurrency in Pakistan

As you know we can not withdraw money from BTC/LTC, Payeer or Perfect Money to our JazzCash, Easy Paisa or Bank account, so we can use this platform, first we deposit here (BTC/LTC, Payeer or Perfect Money amount), and then withdraw to our JazzCash, Easy Paisa or Bank Account.

For Withdraw:
1- Click to Manage Funds
2- Click Withdraw
3- Select our Desired account (where we want to transfer real money)

As we already read about how to add JazzCash/EasyPaisa or Bank account, So Now, here we just select our account that we already add in our Bucksmill account. If you do not add your account, then first you need to add your JazzCash/Eaysa or Bank account, you can see in first Step.

4- Put Amount and press Withdraw Request Button.
Within 24 hours, the amount will transfer in your desired account, sometime I take more time.
You can register at Bucksmil by Clicking Here

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