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How to create AdSense account in right way

What Is Adsense?

How to create AdSense account in right way

Adsense is a Google program or service that provide text, video, and images ads to specific and selected websites and YouTube channel, any individual, blogger, vlogger, website owner, or YouTuber can earn money from Adsense, Adsense controlled by the Google team. In easy Words, Adsense provides ads to the website and YouTubers if they are selected by Adsense.

How to create an Adsense account in the right way?

This is a most important question for everyone because many vloggers and individuals don’t know about Adsense policies and rules, everyone should create original and real AdSense accounts otherwise they may face difficulties in their earning or loss of account.

Before creating an Adsense account you need two basic things.
1- A Google or Gmail Account
2- Owner of any website, YouTube channel with 100% original content.

1- Google or Gmail Account 

If you are already using Gmail services and you already have an email address that ends with then it's good, if you don’t have an email address of Gmail or Google (End with, for example, then first you need to create a Gmail account, click here and create Gmail account put all true information as per your Passport or Government Identity Card, you must be 18 years old.

Don’t be lazy, this is your first and most important part because we will use the same data for Adsense, so you must create a Gmail account with all original info and complete it, Some important points you must remember.

Some Important Points
a- Click Here and Create Gmail account

b- Put All original info, like first name, 2nd name (as per your passport and government Identity card)

c- Add a strong password (write your password in paper or register)

d- Add your mobile number and verify your mobile number

e- Turn on 2FA

f- Add a Recovery Email

g- At last, write all info like Gmail Id, email address, password, mobile number, recovery email on paper, register, or somewhere.

Now, if you follow the above steps and save all your information that you put in your Gmail account then you are ready, now see 2nd need.

2- Owner with 100% original content

You also need original content, you must be the owner of a website, Youtube channel, blog, or site with original content, it must follow the Adsense program policies and Community Guide Line.

How to create an Adsense account in the right way?

Now, after completing above both steps, (1) true and real Gmail account with original info and (2) own a website or YouTube channel, Now we can create an Adsense account in an easy way,

For creating a AdSense account, Follow the below steps

1- Click Here and go to the Adsense Official page

2- Press “Get Started”

3- Sign in to Your Gmail account (we already created in above 1steps)

NOTE: If you already have a Gmail account (or Gmail email) account then first you should save their all info with recovery email and mobile number, turn on 2FA and write them on paper, your all info must be the same as your Passport or Government identity card and your age must be over 18 years.

4- Enter your website or blog address in the URL field, (for example or

5- Tick on customize button so you will receive help and performance suggestions from Adsense.

6- Select your country (for payment)

7- Complete other account info with real address (you will receive PIN-code on postal address)

Now, 6-7 is the most important part, it must be the same as you fill in your Gmail, you will receive a PIN code on your postal address that you filled here.

8- Complete read AdSense Terms and Conditions and click on accept them.

9- Now start using Adsense. Now, your Google Adsense account is ready and your one website is linked with it.
Your Adsense account is ready for youse, you can add multiple websites and youtube channels with one Adsense account, you should have one website or youtube channel before creating an AdSense account.

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