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How to link AdSense with YouTube Channel, Website or Blog

How to link AdSense with YouTube Channel, Website or Blog


In this article, I will describe how to link your AdSense account with your Website, YouTube channel, or blog, you need only one AdSense account even you have multiple Websites, YouTube channels, and Blogs, you should create an Adsense account at the last stage before complete all requirements and other important things.

How to create an AdSense account in the right way?

Before start, I would like to say about what is AdSense, most people now know about Adsense but if you don’t know, then Adsense is a platform where you can make money through Google advertisements when you link your website or YouTube channel with Adsense, then you will receive ads to your contents (Website or YouTube Channel) and make money.

Your website must complete all requirements before approval, your website or YouTube channel could be linked if your content is copied but it is not approved and you will face difficulties, therefore it's better for you first check whether your complete all requirements or not, click below link and check their requirements:

If your website or YouTube channel completes all requirements then you can create an AdSense account for your website or YouTube channel, I will give you now information about how to link Adsense account with YouTube channel or website step by step:

How to Connect AdSense with Website?

It's totally easy, you don’t need any special skill, but your website must complete all AdSense requirements, it usually takes a few days for approval, follow the below steps to connect your website to Adsense:

1- Sign in to your AdSense original account

2- Click Add Site, you can see on the homepage of Adsense

3- Enter URL (example:

4- Click Save

5- Find the “Connect your site to Adsense” card/button, and click on the Let’s Go

6- You will see some codes, Now copy these codes.

7- Go your Website theme, convert it into HTML mode, paste the code between <head> and </head> tags. (in easy words past code after <HEAD> tag.

8- Now, come back to your website and click on Paste the Code.

9- At last click on Request Review

You will receive an email within days and your website will be approved within days, sometimes it takes more days if your website is not approved then check again your content, mostly approval rejection reason is content.

How to Link AdSense with YouTube Channel

You only can link your AdSense to your YouTube channel if it's complete Monetization Requirements, I have already explained YouTube Monetization requirements, now I will discuss how to connect your YouTube channel with AdSense. When you're complete the basic requirements 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of watch time, then you will see them on your Monetize page on YouTube Studio, and under this, you will see a button “Notify Me when eligible”, first of all, click on “Notify Me when eligible” when you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time, Now follow the below steps for connect your YouTube to Adsense:

1- Sign in to AdSense Account (that you want to link/connect)

2- Sign in YouTube Channel

3- Click Top-Right Logo

4- Click on YouTube Studio

5- Click on Monetization Tab ($ Sign) (Available on Left Menus)

You will see 1000 subscribers and 4000 watches completed

6- Click on “Notify Me When I’m Eligible”

Note: Don’t press it if your 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch not completed, there is no problem if you click it before completing the 1000 subscriber and 4000 Watch Time hours, but you may face difficulties before completing the requirement, therefore click it after completion of requirements.

7- Now You Will see 3 Options (Sometimes at the same time, and at the same time you may see these 3 options after a couple of days)

8- Step-1 Review Partner Program Form, click Acception Association.

9- Step-2: As you already have an AdSense account, click it, it will be redirected to your AdSense Page

10- Step-3: Get reviewed, (You don’t need anything) after one day, (sometimes it takes a couple of days) it will show your channel is monetized, and it will show your AdSense Publisher ID and other info, If your YouTube channel is total original contents then your channel will be approved.

11- After approved channel, again Click on Monetize Tab

12- Select the “ON” button for Ads

13- Selects Ads Type, (that you want to show on your videos)

Today, I give some information about how to link your AdSense account with your Website or YouTube channel, at last, I again repeat one thing you must create original content or original videos, and always apply for AdSense after completing the requirement, Linking AdSense with your Website or YouTube channel is the last step, so never do it in your first step, while you can do it in your first step but your website or YouTube can not connect it and after completion of requirement you may face difficulties, so it's better first your complete all your requirement and at the last create AdSense account and connect it with your Youtube channel or website.

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