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How to make money from YouTube without monetization

How to make money from YouTube without monetization

How to make money from YouTube without monetization

In 2018, the dawn news reported a famous YouTuber earned $130,000 from her YouTube Channel in a year, In the same way, many Pakistani, Indian, and other countries social media celebrities (and even media channels) put their videos on YouTube, these celebrities and channels make money by their YouTube Channel.

You can make money from YouTube channels, the famous and best method is to create a YouTube Channel, How to create a YouTube channel and upload videos, I have already explained it in my previous articles, Click Here and read more about creating a YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube channel and upload videos

In this post I am telling different earning methods from a YouTube channel, as you know the famous platform is YouTube Monetization, if your channel get Monetize then you get paid, but there are also other methods from there you can make money without Monetize your channel, So I will tell you about how to make money from YouTube without Monetization.

I will tell you 3 different methods from that you can make money from your YouTube channel without monetization.

1- Selling Products

I think you understood what I want to say, you don’t need any product and if you have your own product then it good luck for you, you can sell your product by your YouTube channel, don’t worry about how it works, you just need to create a YouTube channel and social platform like Twitter account, Facebook marketing page, Instagram account, Now you need to add some description and image at different social media but make also some interesting and informative video of your products and share through YouTube Channel.

You don’t need any specific skills and investment but you need a YouTube channel and some followers and a target audience who are interested in your product, even you can choose a local shop in your area and daily make two or three videos about their product and share with your audience in social media.

This is the best option for you if you are own a shop then you need to describe your product, upload the video to YouTube and share it with your audience.

2- Affiliate Program

This is also another best and most famous option for anyone who is interesting in selling products, affiliate means partnering with a company and sharing their product link into your Youtube channel description, whenever someone clicks the link and buys a product you will get a specific commission, In this regard you should Join an affiliate program, there are many different affiliate program available.

In this method, when you join an affiliate website then you will receive specific links of products in your profile, you need to share their product link (from your profile) into your YouTube channel’s description and make a small and interesting video about products and share video with your audience, so product interested people will watch your video because they want to know more about the product and when they click on the link and buy the product you will receive a specific commission from the affiliate website, here you should remember, you don’t need shipment product or etc, because when someone clicks on your link then it will redirect to the affiliate website, now that website will complete other all process like payment and shipment. You only get paid when someone buys a product not just visit a website.

So, this is 2nd method for you, there are many affiliate websites from them one is the Amazon Associate.

3- Partner with Brands

In this method you just review a product of a Brand, in this method, you must have a specific audience that trust you, many brands paying just making videos about their products and reviews like currently most cryptocurrency applications and websites give airdrops by making videos on youtube.

In this method you can make money online without YouTube channel monetization, you just need to connect with a brand and share their products with your YouTube channel, you can make video videos of different brands.
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