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how to withdraw money from AdSense

how to withdraw money from Adsense


Online making money isn’t easy as we understand, but sometimes your smart work or your luck can give you the best opportunity for being a billionaire, you need the huge right information about how to use a website, need hard work with smart work, and good information.

Most bloggers work with Google and earn money from Adsense by their website and YouTube channel, every blogger definitely know there is not enough support and customer service who will give us feedback and reply from google service, especially for AdSense or payments, sometimes you can get feedback from them, I read many blogger messages and articles about their payment problems, these problem arises when any one don’t give them enough and right information about their Adsense account and bank account. Before I start the topic, some important points I want to share, below your all information must be same, 

1- Gmail Account Info

2- AdSense Payment Info

3- Bank Account (Or Where you want to transfer your money or withdraw your money)

4- CNIC Number or Passport No. (If given/required)

The above 3 accounts (Gmail, Adsense and Bank) information must be the same as per your Gmail account info, Now what information must be the same, see below
As per AdSense Policy when you reach 10$ they will send you a PIN code on your postal address, you will see a box (AdSense Pin box) in your Adsense account, when they send you a pin code then a box will appear in Adsense for inserting pin code. You must write the correct postal address in your Adsense account, it doesn’t matter what is your permanent address, you need to put your correct postal address where you will receive your pin code within 3 months, if you don’t receive your pin code within a month, then you can apply  again, maximum 3 times (after one month gap).

Follow below steps to withdraw money from Adsense

1- Sign in to your AdSense account

2- Click on the “Payment” option

Here you can select your payment method by clicking on “How You Get Paid”

Western Union

Select a primary payment method Western Union

3- Click on Western Union (Note: After every month’s 20th days withdrawal start, if it reaches 100$)

4- Open Payment (as you select Western Union)

5- Click on “View Transaction”

6- Click on the given link (into account) and open “Payment Receipt”

7- Make your CNIC photocopy, write your payment MTCN number on your CNIC photocopy.

8- Go to any branch of Western Union and cash out your earnings.

Bank Transferring

1- Sign in to your Google AdSense account

2- Click on “Add payment method”

3- Select and click on “Transfer to bank account”

4- Now, you need to put all your real bank information.

5- Re-check your detail and submit.

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) – withdraw into Bank

1- Sign in to your AdSense account and click on Payment

2- Click on “Add Payment method”

3- Now, here you need to Select EFT as your payment method

4- Enter your real bank detail and press SAVE.

Now, Adsense will deposit a small amount into your account for test purposes, it will take about 2-5 working days, when your receive this test amount into your account then you need to again sign in to AdSense and press “Verify Now”

5- After Sign in and “Verify Now” click Test Deposit Amount

6- And press “confirm” (see in drop menu)

You can receive your payment through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), this method will transfer your money into your bank. This method available only selected countries.

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