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Gain the skills free and get remote job

Gain the skills free and get remote job


Now, you can do a remote job from anywhere, no matter where are you from? You need to complete just a basic course and get a job, In this post, I will share and give you some basic detail about the website that offered many free courses without any cost with guaranteed remote jobs.

On that website, you do not pay for anything, until you get a job, but before you must gain and learn skills, increase your skills and then you will get a job from international companies, job condition is a remote job, remote job means you must have a good internet connection with a computer or laptop.

The website name is Microverse, here you can see all over world students, this is a life-changing opportunity, the method is very easy, everyone can learn easily and get a job, just need to give time and learn courses, first, you should complete free courses and learn more then you may take paid courses for the best opportunity but you also get a job with complete a free course, so don’t be worry about paid courses.

This website will give you a 10-month program, so you need to develop your technical skills, build and create new projects as per the program, and improve your soft and communication skills that will help you connect to a remote team.

After completing a course, your personal career coach will help and support you about all matters, about job search or a new job, help you with interviews, or how to prepare for an interview, so you can start your career as a software developer.

If you know about codes or basic code that will help you more, Code mean HTML, Python, CSS, C++ codes, if you are familiar with language program and Javascript then you have good info about codes, if you don’t have any knowledge about codes, then you will learn here about codes from zero.

Something I want to share with you is when you click on “Apply Now” then you need to complete the form where you will find some paid courses so don’t click on paid courses, first you should complete free courses and pass the exam and program, they also take a small English test, how is your English, so before completing the process you should practice your English, English test will be on grammar and sentence base, so practice for good English and then complete the form and join a program.

To apply click here:

So you need to click the above link, complete the form by taking a small English grammar test, and then you should join a program, you should join an easy program that you feel is best for you, after completing the course you will get a job as per the website, I think its best opportunity who are finding online jobs from a long time without any skills, this is the best opportunity for anyone who wants to get a job, so here you will get a job also you will learn more about new technical skills without any fees.

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