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How to Start A Business with no Money


How to Start A Business with no Money?

Everyone is worried about how to earn money and lifestyle because now business is going to digital and also hard.

So here I will share with you some business or you can call online earning money. But you should have some knowledge about the business and knowledge about social media.

Before starting, A business I will suggest you make money online here are some tips.

Start a YouTube Channel

Before starting a YouTube channel you should have knowledge regarding the YouTube

In the first step, you will create a Google Gmail id and then go to YouTube so on the top of the right side click on the button and create a channel.

In the second step when your channel is created you should make videos for your YouTube channel and after completing the video you need a thumbnail for a better reach view on YouTube.

Remember YouTube partnership need some terms and condition but you only focus on your videos 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriber when you have done it you apply for monetization.

Before monetization, you need to create a Google absence account and after you complete create the Google absence account so you should link your Google account to YouTube partnership.

The same thing also applied to Facebook you guys will earn money from Facebook by selling online products and creating pages and monetization videos.

Create a page on your name or your product name when it will complete putting your videos. For example, you guys make funny videos, political videos, share a story about your city and also make a video for games.

1) Now I am talking about some websites but I am not sharing here website name because the different websites have different terms and conditions but you guys will earn 5$ to 20$ on your project.

2) And some website has free hosting service like Weebly and Wix. Here you can create some graphics or pictures on the demand of the customer and website.

3) Start working as a salesperson online these websites are provided like Amazon VA or Amazon FBA and Ali baba where you can sell other people's products and you will earn on the percentage. But before working as a salesman you should set your terms and condition otherwise you will lose your money and time.

4) Start A Blogging this is not a new concept but it is a very effective concept and blogging is always a popular option for everyone so this is best for you. You guys make blogging on games, food, market research, etc.

5) In the Last you guys work on freelancing and it is also best, but it needs more time and where you can build a CV, Website, Picture Editing, Video Editing, and many more.

6) Also you guys can be consulting online. Consulting is a very good business but it needs more information because you will need to satisfy other people.

7) Last but not least SEO. If you have good knowledge about SEO so you perfectly Earn money basically SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is creating more traffic on websites or web pages.

Hopefully this ideas will become good for you but always be patient for your business .

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