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A blogger post about Pakistan

A blogger post about Pakistan


Pakistan is a country that has been in the news a lot lately, and not always for good reasons. The country faces many challenges, from extremism and terrorism to poverty and political instability. Bloggers have been vocal in their opinions about the current state of Pakistan. Some have praised the progress that has been made, while others have lambasted the government for its failures.

Many bloggers have also spoken out about the high levels of poverty and poverty alleviation efforts in Pakistan. Some have criticised the government for not doing enough to help the poor, while others have praised certain initiatives that have been taken.

Pakistani bloggers have also commented on the country's political instability. Some have criticised the government for its poor track record, while others have voiced hope that things will improve in the future.

About Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is full of contradictions. On one hand, you have a population that is religious and cooperative. On the other hand, a minor population is extremely liberal and negative open-minded. This dichotomy is evident in almost every aspect of Pakistani society. The country is trying to find its identity and determine its future. There are many different voices in Pakistan, and it is often difficult to determine who is in control. The Islam is the Identity and Ideology of Pakistan.

Pakistan Flag

Pakistan flag has two colour, Green and White, Green show major population while white showing minor population.

Pakistan Institutions

The military is one of the most powerful institutions in Pakistan. The military has a strong hold on the government and often dictates the course of the country. The military is also very religious and conservative, and often promotes a narrow view of Pakistani identity.

The civilian government quite powerful in Pakistan. It is led by the Prime Minister, and is responsible for making decisions about the country. However, the civilian government is often overshadowed by the military. The media is also a powerful institution in Pakistan. The media is often critical of the government and the military. However, the media is also biased and often promotes a particular viewpoint.

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The People of Pakistan

The people of Pakistan are mix up and they need more education with good morals,  The people of Pakistan are diverse, and there are many different voices in the country, and there is a strong conservative streak in the country.

Pakistan Sport

Pakistan national game is Hockey, but it has a wining team in cricket and famous by cricket, also some local games are playing, the famous are Kabaddi, Malakaro.

Overall, Pakistani bloggers have a wide range of opinions about the current state of the country. Some are optimistic about the future, However, all of them are passionate about Pakistan and want to see it succeed.

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