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About Me

My name is Nazeer Ahmed and I wrote many articles about different topics in this blog so that you can start your blog, YouTube channel today, if you are not interested in creating a blog or YouTube channel then you can start earning at different websites that I explained in my articles.

I am a Graphic/web designer from 1997 and get started working on websites and blogging in early 2019, we all know technology keeps changing at a rapid pace so we need to update for new coming technologies, software, bots, and applications, In this blog I try to bring the latest information about technologies, online business ideas, remote works, virtual jobs, and online jobs.

When I started blogging and content writing then I feel it was not easy as I understand because sometimes we have huge experience and knowledge but we face difficulties with how to bring it into our writing form for easy understanding.

What is Shahani Online Rozgar?

This is Education and online Entrepreneur platform where you will learn about new technologies, online business ideas, remote jobs, conclusion is all about online earning, technology, and online business, also we offer Website and YouTube channel promotion services. In this blog, you will find many articles about how to create a YouTube channel or how to start a website.

Shahani Online Rozgar means Shahani Online Entrepreneur, as Rozgar is an Urdu word and their English meaning is Entrepreneur, (or you can say Job or Business), but I am focusing on Online Entrepreneur and new technologies.

I realized that there are a lot of people who want to start their own blog and YouTube channel, but they don’t know how to and where to start. I always try to give answers to everyone but It's difficult to help and give answers to everyone personally in a day, for that purpose I decided that I would create a blog and explain everything that we are facing in our blog and YouTube channel.

Therefore, when I started blogging so I try to bring real and legit information about online earning websites, Blogging, and YouTube channel that would show people how to do it from the beginning, even if they had no experience.

If you want to contact me and need help or promote your YouTube channel, follow me on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Whats app +923493687321

At last, I try to my best effort to bring real and legit information, specially about online earning websites, However, Shahani Online Rozgar isn’t responsible about any loss or damage.

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