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Virtual Jobs

After the growing of Internet and Social media and other websites, Specially online businesses, there are many website where we can get online jobs, new online opportunities that can be done from our home or any where with an internet connection. Day to day remote and virtual jobs are increasing, its good opportunity for both, employer and employee, also you can get you favourite job as you want, you can do job as you want and you can give time as you want, you need to just modify and manage your time and learn more.

Today i will share better and good virtual websites, any where can get benefits and earn money, you can call them virtual jobs, you can apply for Virtual assistant, graphic designing, data entry operator or any other virtual jobs. But, Its very important you should know what is VIRTUAL JOBS, don't hesitate, its not a rocket science,  or NASA job, You need to good skills and an internet connection.

How to find virtual assistant jobs?

There are many and easy ways to find virtual jobs, like fiverr, upwork and other, i will provide detail about virtual and virtual assistant jobs even you can find any kinds virtual jobs, because virtual jobs are not limited. Now i will give detail some famous and important platform where you can get easily virtual jobs or virtual assistant jobs as per you education and experience.

Freelance writers:

Freelance writing is the one of the famous job, its like a forever job, and i always will be demanded, because create a story in writing is the first step of any platform, its demanded job, its famous all around world and sectors like digital media, small business, magzines and even large media. A good and creative writer can increase website traffic and sale lead.

What is Freelance writers, its just a simple way, join any platform and provide you business, tell them you can write any thing, you can create a story about their business or you have best skills in writing, if you can create story, or you are a creative mind then you can write,  so provide your skills in online platform like fiverr or upwork, offer them about your skills.
In writing or content writing you may get a job about brief a business, write different content for a website, write a creative content about a business or a product, so there are different jobs in Freelance writing.

How do I get a job as a virtual assistant?

You need to join any virtual network, you can create your own blog or website and describe about all your skills and share with other, share you website and skills (like a resume) with detail about yourself, share with business, share at virtual platform like upwork, fiverr and social media and offer them, you can offer them at fiverr and upwork also, by the way there are also other methods like facebook and google ads.

Virtual assistant:

Virtual assistant jobs become a main and important jobs in online business, virtual assistant are very important for any online business, its like administrative job, In virtual Assistant, you job rule will be same but some things will be different, like you need to be online, give feedback on a time, online chat, manage online sales, invoice, or manage a website data and other online work.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

Job responsibility of a virtual assistant can be management, design, sale from one person to another person, chat online, email management, appointment scheduling, tracking, in simple words, you need to manage all thing in online.

Web or Graphic Designer:

Web or Graphic designing is the famous and important online jobs, because every one need a best design for their websites, posts, social media post and ads. 

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Web or Graphic designing isn't easy as we think, because it also need creative mind, every company want a best logo, best visualization, best design for their post, so first you need to training. You never say yourself as "Expert Designer", or you shouldn't introduce yourself as "Expert Designer" in first time, you must prove that you are a best designer by your portfolio, by your website, by your blog.

If you want this kind job then i suggest you same website that i describe in above summary, (upwork, fiverr), or other online platform, where you show your designs and offer your skills.


Translation is the one of the most demanded jobs in our globe, i think you know that after internet all world connected to each other, so many of them face language problems, Still google don't have a enough translations tools, you great and famous online job.


You can do this kind job remotely, it mean you can do this job as a virtual assistant or this is also a virtual job or you can say it virtual translator,  the requirement to work as a translator is knowledge of different language, if you have a high degree then you can get easily this job, but you must know different language or pair of languages, you will be lucky if you know or you can translate famous language, you don't need become a creative mind or content writer, the job responsibility is only translate a article in said or required language. its 100% chances if you have knowledge in several language and have a good experience in translating.

The famous languages are English, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, German, Russian in translating jobs. If you have a good degree, familiar with translations and have a good experience then try this online job.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another virtual jobs is SEO, its purely virtual job, do not need any physical work or administrative, SEO is the also most demanded job in internet, its important rule to grow a business by website, social media or a mobile app, you can find many SEO job, if you have good know SEO then you can offer individually to a website or business owner to promote their business by websites, blog, or social media etc.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Its also not a easy job as we think, it need research, because SEO mean Search Engine Optimization, you need to search famous words, what people are searching on google, we can say its a research base job, we need to research for a specific topic or specific products on internet, but its most demanded jobs in internet and digital media.

Media Buyer:

Another of the figures most in demand today is the Media Buyer. This person is in charge of buying online traffic on different channels. They are professionals with a high knowledge of online advertising in the different media where these actions can be carried out, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, etc.

Media Buyer
Media Buyer

For example, if a company wants to sell a product online then you can contact a Media Buyer to place order. Media Buyer will research and analyse that product and work on advertisement by Facebook, google ads and establish sale lead or reach largest selected audience. 

How much do virtual assistants make?

Beginner: You can earn 2$ to 5$ per hour.
Medium: You can earn 4$ to 10$+ per hour.
Expert: You can earn unlimited, we can say from 8$ to 20$ or more per hour, its upon different rate bases, skills, communication, voice skills, quality work etc.

Software Engineers:

Software Engineer is the most important and demanded job in online industry, its also a perfect job for you if you are interested in computer programs, computer languages and I.T industry, you can find more than thousands jobs related to Software Engineer or you can do your job as a virtual, A software engineer create computer programs, mobile application, business software, education software etc.

If you have good knowledge in software engineering then you can make and create good mobile application, business software and management or data management software,  You also need to learn different languages like Java, C++, Python, SQL, Java Script, HTML etc to become a successfully Software Engineer.

Experts in Social Networks:

If you have good knowledge and expert in social media then you can find easily online job or you can earn money online without any difficulty. Almost many companies have their website and social account and Social Media Team to manage their online business in social media accounts, Many of them don’t have a team to manage their online and social accounts therefore the hire freelancer and virtual assistant to manage their different social account.

Social Networks
Social Networks

If you have good knowledge in Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other then its best place for you for apply as a Social Media Manager or virtual assistant to manage their social media pages.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Its also best and demanded virtual job, its kind of a marketing where you save customer list on your email list and aware them about new products, discount and other services.

In E-mail marketing you must have bund of selected email list for specific product or as per you jobs requirement, you also offer your skills as a virtual or a specific company or a person if you have a bundle of email list and their choice. In conclusion you need to have many email of selected audience then you can offer your skills to specific industries, after then your service  may be aware them about new products, discounts, and other services by sending emails.

How do I become a virtual assistant with no experience?

If you don't have any experience in virtual assistant, don't worry but at least you must know some important languages like English, it will be better if you know also Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Urdu and Arabic, and other important point is at least you must know about internet connection, computer and operating system.

If you don't know about computer and internet then don't worry, i think you are reading this article on your computer or mobile app, its enough for you, just go to freelancer website like upwork, freelancer, fiverr etc, signup form and join it and follow their instruction, make sure you write a bit detail about yourself as VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, after then whenever you apply you must mention about your desire position like VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and TIME, how much time you can provide them and follow your buyer instructions.
The Most and easy job is VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for CHAT, where you just CHAT to customers, reply their messages, inform that about new product, but first you need to follow instruction of company rule if required.

Conclusions about the online jobs with the most demand today:

Conclusion is Computer, Internet and Time, its enough if you have Computer and Good internet speed and you are connected with internet and you have enough time then you can do any online job, specially VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, there hundreds website where you can submit your form as VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, and also you can direct apply any company and offer them as VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and manage their online business.

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