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How to Monetize YouTube Channel?

YouTube is the famous the No 1 platform for video watching and video uploading, according to a research; currently YouTube has 2.3 billion users around the world, its main and useful platform for marketing and other industry, and it’s also best platform for individuals who want to make money online by YouTube, everyone can get benefit or promote their business through YouTube. YouTube available all around world, its no. 1 choice for marketing purpose, mostly marketers using this platform to promote their businesses, If you are interested in YouTube and want to create a channel and earn money then this article is for you, I will give you detail about YouTube Channel promotion, how to increase subscriber and watch hours time.

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In This article you will learn:

1- How to create a YouTube Channel?

2- How to upload a video on YouTube?

3- What is SEO friendly Title, Description and Tags.

4- What is End Screen in YouTube?

5- What is Cards in YouTube?

6- What is thumbnail in YouTube Video?

7- What are important rules or policy for YouTube Monetization?

8- How to use keywords in YouTube Channel?

9- Important setting of YouTube Channel?

10- How to increase Subscriber?

11- How to increase Watch time hours?

12- What are important points for content creating?

13- How to apply for Monetization or ads?

14- How to promote YouTube Channel?

15- What is target audience in YouTube?

16- Evergreen topics on YouTube

17- What is Impression and why its important?

18- How to promote YouTube channel in paid service?

1- How to create a YouTube Channel?

You need a gmail account to create a YouTube Channel, if you don’t have a Gmail email (like ), then first you need create a Gmail email account. Now you need to follow below options.

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a) Go to and create an email account with your real info and remember your password

b) Sign in your email account.

c) Go to

d) Sign in YouTube by Computer or Mobile

e) Click your profile picture (on Top-Right hand)

f) Click Create a channel or you will be asked to create a channel

g) Create channel as per Gmail info or create with a custom name.

You also can create a YouTube channel in easy way by first time comment in any YouTube video, when you try to comment then YouTube will ask you about your channel name, you just put your YouTube channel name and put yout first comment, Now your channel is ready, it is easy to create a YouTube channel.

2- How to upload a video on YouTube?

Uploading video on YouTube is very easy, you just need to press top right (camera with + sign) icon, and go your destination (where you saved your video) and upload it, normally it take 20 to 50 minutes for uploading, it’s upon your video length and internet speed. For step by Step, you just below instructions.

a) Sign in your YouTube account.

b) Click on Video icon, top-right corner, before to notifications, apps. Icon.

c) Click the “Upload Video”

d) Go your destination where your saved video file, browse your file/folder and select your video file, (your video file should be MP4 format)

e) Now, your file is uploading, after then we need to add to title, description and other info.

f) Now, add SEO friendly Title, Description and Tag.

g) Add End Screen and Cards

h) Select an option, Private, Public and Unlisted for your video

i) Private mean only you can watch your video

j) Public mean all public can watch your video

k) Unlisted mean only selected people can watch your video.

After a couple of minutes your video will be on-air, you can watch your video on YouTube. Its upon your video length and internet speed.

3- What is SEO friendly Title, Description and Tags.

What is SEO friendly? In easy words every search engine should know about our video and data or can catch easily our data so our content and video will show on search engines, in easy words famous words that are searching on Google and other search engines are called Keywords, when we use these keywords in our Video, its called SEO Friendly.

SEO mean search engine optimization, we should use SEO friendly title, description and tags, in other words, we should use famous, searchable, or searched/searching words in our Title, Description and Tags.

4- What is End Screen in YouTube?

It is a recommend video that will show at the end of in our current video, when our current video going to finish then it recommend some other video (from our channels), its called End Screen, we must select End Screen in our every uploaded file.

5- What is Cards in YouTube?

Card is a recommended video that shown during watching a video, when someone playing our video then a recommendation appear on top right corner in our video, it could be show on first minuet or last minute.

6- What is thumbnail in YouTube Video?

It’s a video title in jpg format in 1280x70 pixels size, it is main and important part of your video, you should create an eye catchy or meaning full title, you should create a unique design of your thumbnail, a thumbnail design could be create by online websites without any charges or you can create by yourself, it’s very important part for getting impressions and clicks, if your video have a good thumbnail design then you can get many views and clicks.

7- What are important rules or policy for YouTube Monetization?

Main and important polices are as under for Monetization, you must follow these policy before and after monetization.

a) 1000 Subscribers

b) 4000 Watch Time Hours

c) Original Content

d) Have a real AdSens account (linked with YouTube)

e) Follow AdSense program policies.

f) Follow COPA guidelines

g) Follow all guide lines.

You read more here about YouTube Monetization Policy and Guide lines:

8- How to use keywords in YouTube Channel?

What are keywords? Key words are famous or top ranked word or sentenced that are mostly searching on Google and other search engines. We should these words in our Video, the question is how to use keywords or where to use keywords. Here we must note one keywords for videos, and 2nd keyword is for our channel, channel keywords will be same for forever, while we use new keywords for our each video, Follow below steps and use keywords for your channel and video

Keywords for Channel:

a) Go to YouTube Studio.

b) Click on setting (you can see in below from all option)

c) New window will open, click on Channel.

d) You can 2 boxes on right side, 1st is Country of residence. 2nd option is for Keywords.

e) Use important and suitable keywords in Keywords section (as per your Channel Subject)

Keywords for Videos:

a) First of all your video file name and thumbnail file name must be same as per keyword.

b) During uploading a video, you must use keywords in Title.

c) Use same title in Description and other keywords

d) User hash tags with a famous keywords at the end of description without any space, like #ShahaniOnlineRozgar

e) Use same title in Tag and use other keywords in tag.

You need to use SEO friendly title, description and tags.

9- Important setting of YouTube Channel?

The most important setting is 2FA, its called 2 step verification, you must add your email and mobile number and verify your mobile number. Some other important setting are as under.

a) For you logo, Go to YouTube Studio, click on Customization.

b) Click on Branding

c) On PICTURE, click on upload and select a logo or your picture for your channel.

d) On BANNER IMAGE, click on upload and select a banner for your channel.

e) On VIDEO WATERMARK, click on upload and select a file for your video watermark, the watermark will appear all in your videos at the bottom-right corner.

Go to YouTube Studio and click on Basic Info

f) Write SEO friendly Description

g) Add your Contact Info (Never share your original email)

10- How to increase Subscriber?

If your content is healthy then you don’t need to say for subscriber for any body, because healthy, informative and unique content is must, but you can get subscriber easily for any content, I will share some use tricks.

a)- Create your own group in facebook and invite many people and share your content

b) Create a telegram or Whatsapp group and invite people to join your group and share your content

c) Join Quora and share your knowledge as per video content, and share your link

d) Signup reddit, and join YouTube related groups, first you need to earn point and then share your content,

e) Share your content in Instagram

f) Share your content in Pinterest

And join other important social media, make more friend and share content with your friends, use marketing tools

11- How to increase Watch time hours?

Its most important part of a YouTube channel to complete 4000 watch time hours in a year, to complete watch hours you need to upload at least 100 videos in your channel, the other main important point is your video content should be healthy, clear video and voice, every video length should be 5 to 15 minutes, and some video must be 30 minutes, and 1 to 2 video must be in 1+ hours, in shorts, you follow only 5 to 15 minutes video length, but you also need to create a video for 1+ hours, and 30 minutes video for your YouTube channel. Some other points are as under:

a- Make a video on serial vise

b- Create different playlist with different topics

c- Increase your followers on different social media

d- Join famous YouTube groups on social media

e- Find your niche and audience and share your video

The other important point to complete watch hours is Live Stream, first you make your followers in social media, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and then come live on your YouTube channel and promote your YouTube channel by your own social media platforms, its best option for forever for your YouTube channel, you can contact us to complete your watch time hours

12- What are important points for content creating?

You must follow YouTube Monetization policy for creating content, some other points are as under.

a- Do follow COPPA Policy.

b- Do not create terrorism or violence kinds video

c- Do not copy any sound or video from others

d- Do and create your own content.

e- Always clear your video object.

f- Video and Sound quality should be clean and clear.

g- Target your audience, never left any topic without completion.

h- If your topic is large then you should recommend your audience for next video.

These are not all points, you always research and learn more about content creating, because it’s very important and main tool for all New and old You Tubers, because it’s difficult to create a excitement video on every day, so your research help your.

13- How to apply for Monetization or ads?

You can apply for Monetization when complete all requirements, at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 Watch Time hours, when you complete these requirement then you go to Monetization Tab (You can see $ Sign on your left side, in YouTube Studio), I mean first you go to YouTube Studio, then you will see a $ Sign in left side, click it, Then you will see some other option on center side (like right side), where you can find an option “NOTIFY ME…..” where you see checks on complete requirement, you just click on “Notify Me…” option, after then you will see another option for apply, click on apply and agree with terms and conditions, and then you need to complete 2nd option.

In simple and easy words just follow below steps (if your YPP requirements completed):

Remember we are applying:

a- Sign in your Youtube channel

b- Go to YouTube Studio

c- Click on Monetize button ($ Sign)

d- Click on “Notify….” Button

e- Now monetize page will open, you will see 3 Steps in left side, monetize page.

f- Step 1: Review partner program terms, click it and agree with T&C.

g- Step 2: In this step link your adsense account with YouTube Channel.

h- Step 3: You channel Monetized. (Need 24 hours)

Now, Your channel is monetized, the last 3rd step will complete within 24 hours but some time it takes up to 3 days, and if there is any problem with your account then it may take long time after solution of a problem.

14- How to promote YouTube Channel?

The promotion and marketing is very important, you need to very hard and smart work for you YouTube channel, healthy content of your channel also is a most important point. Some other points are as under:

a- Join famous social media

b- Make thousands followers and share your YouTube links

c- Engage with your audience

d- Take interview some other famous YouTubers

15- What is target audience in YouTube?

Target audience means selected or specific people or group of people who interested only specific topic, you should share your content only interested people who interested in your content, in other words specific people who mostly like your content, so there are many chances to that specific people or group of people should watch your video. There are different type of target audience, but we are talking about video content, so just see your video topic and do some research about your audience, find your audience and share your content with your audience.

16- Evergreen topics on YouTube

Some topics are evergreen, what is evergreen, evergreen mean always remembered, or forever choice; it means a video could be watch at any time now or after 5 years.

Evergreen content mean a useful content that never goes out of date, it’s not a seasonable topic or news, so in easy words we can say a content without an expiry date, these kind content will help your more then other content, so always try to make evergreen content or select a evergreen topic for creating a YouTube Channel. Some example of evergreen content:

a- Tutorial/teaching classes

b- Guides and Tricks

c- Product reviews

d- Cooking

e- Health

17- What is Impression and why its important?

How many time your video thumbnail shown to other people called impressions, its not a view, only your thumbnail shown to the people, its very important part of a video, if you get a impression then you can get views, and if you can get a view then you can get a subscribers, in easy words impressionà viewà subscriberàwatchtime and YouTube promoted.

So for good impression you should create an eye catchy thumbnail (we already told about it in above paragraph), you need to get many impressions for getting subscribers and views.

18- How to promote YouTube channel in paid service?

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